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The Nordic Paragliding Open 2016 is a Cross Country Paragliding Competition.

The event is being held at St Jean Montclar, France, by xTc Paragliding, on behalf of the Nordic Nations in order to find the Nordic Champion for 2016.

It all starts on Sunday 26th June 2016!

The competition will have a maximum capacity of 140 pilots and be a FAI cat2 event and run on behalf of the Nordic Competitions Federation.

HQ is at the 'Point Accueil de Montclar', in the village centre
Registration opens 3pm Sunday 26th June
SatNav= N44.412056, E06.351242





General Info


Registration Open

Registration for the Nordic Paragliding Open 2016 Event opens on 28th December at 14:00 CET

The venue for 2016 is St Jean Montclar, France (French Alps).



This years event is again being organised by Brett Janaway who organised the 2015 Nordic Open, better known for organising the GIN Wide Open, which is also at this venue the week before the Nordic Open.


Nordic Open Basics

The Nordic Paragliding Open has the following aspects:

- FAI Cat 2
- 140 Pilot places
- 240 Euro entry fee
- Includes Transport
- Includes Retrieves
- Includes Lunch Packs
- Includes GPS Tracking
- Includes T-shirt


Registration Format

Registration Opens - Soon

75% of places are reserved for Nordic entries, until 25th April. The remaining places are available to other nationalities

Places will be filled according to the first pilots to pay (subject to approval of entry first). Once all places are allocated, pilots will be offered places from the waiting list according first to Nordic nationality, and thereafter according to WPRS ranking, highest first.

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